Assassin, directed by Jesse Atlas (USA, 2023).

Satanic Hispanics, directed by Alejandro Brugués (USA, 2022).

The Frog’s Puddle, directed by Javier Barbera (in preproduction, USA, 2023).

The Painting, directed by Gustavo Asensi (in development, USA, 2023).

The Key to Happiness, directed by Roger Delmont (in development, Spain, 2023).

The Fallen Angel, directed by Fito Rivera and Jose Villalobos (in development, USA/Mexico, 2023).

Calungsod, directed by Aloy Adlawan (in development, USA/The Phillipines, 2023).

No Way Out, directed by Hector Echavarria (USA/Paraguay, 2015).

Violet, directed by Luiso Berdejo (USA/Spain, 2013).

A Broken Code, directed by Josh Abraham Webber and Michael Girgenti (USA, 2012).

Lock up, directed by Xavi Giménez (Spain, 2010).

Trash, directed by Carles Torras (Spain, 2008).

Noche Transfigurada, directed by Alexia Muiños (Spain, 2008).

7 pasos y medio, directed by Lalo Garcia (Spain, 2008).

Stevie, directed by Bryan Goeres (Spain/USA, 2008).

Little Ashes, directed by Paul Morrison (Spain/UK, 2007).

Sitges 24/9, directed by Arnau Domínguez y Xavier Piñol (Spain, 2006).


Ghost – Jesus He Knows Me, music video directed by Alex Ross Perry (USA, 2023).

Camila, directed by Cesar di Bello (USA, 2022).

Hit & Run, directed by Christian Rodrigo and Sergi Cervera (USA, 2022).

Wild Hearts, directed by Jose Villalobos and Rob Margolies (USA, 2018).

While We Pray, directed by Luciano Lima (USA, 2018).

John & Juliette, written by Rafael Buñuel and directed by Javier Barberá (USA, 2017).

Blanca, directed by Basil Moore (USA, 2016).

Off Water, directed by Roque Baños (USA, 2016).

Stay where you are, directed by Alex Albert (USA, 2016).

God’s Pocket, 16MOS, directed by Jaehuen Chung (USA, 2014).

Alive, Source Independent Entertainment music video, directed by José Villalobos (USA, 2014).

Wings, directed by Villalobos. (USA 2012).

Terrorists Anonymous, directed by Rafael García (USA, 2012).

The Good Priest, directed by Julia Jansch (USA, 2013).

Not Dead Yet, Anaheim music video directed by Alberto Vega  (USA, 2011).

Big Green, Vinyl Soul’s music video directed by Mica Rausch  (USA, 2011).

What do you got, Bon Jovi’s music video directed by Wayne Isham (USA, 2010).

You’re My Life, written, produced, directed and starred by Christian Rodrigo (USA, 2010).

The Prize, directed by David Blanco (Spain, 2010).

The Foreigner, directed by Carles Cambres (Spain, 2010).

Los Tres Pasos, directed by Fabián Matas (Spain, 2010).

Fate, directed by Richard Gregory (Spain, 2010).

Transsiverian, directed by Samuel Hernández (Spain, 2010)

El Refugio, directed by Albert Ribas (Spain, 2009).

Cenizas, directed by Luis Goyanes (Spain, 2009).

Scopaesthesia, directed by Sara López (Spain, 2009).

Todo es tuyo, directed by Jordi Ramoneda (Spain, 2009).

Sigue Sangrando, directed by Ariadna Seuba (Spain, 2009).

La Última Cena, directed by Javier Ideami (Spain, 2008).      

La Risa de Dolores, directed by Emma Sofia Dedorson (Spain, 2007).

Luna de agua, directed by Carles Reixach (Spain, 2006).

Detrás de la puerta, directed by Jan Baca and Toni Garriga (Spain, 2006).

Ilusión, directed by Alexia Muiños (Spain, 2006).

The Sex Museum, directed by Eloy Calvo (Spain, 2006).

Guero arte (Hasta Luego), directed by José Mª Farfal (Spain, 2005).

Plexitol, directed by Christian Checa (Spain, 2005).

, directed by Laura Calavia (Spain, 2005).

Familia, directed by Christian Checa (Spain, 2004).

Piensa en mí, directed by Rafa Ruano (Spain, 2004).

El Último Tango, directed by Ingrid Ripollès (Spain, 2004).


WeGlue, International campaign (USA, 2018).

USPS USA Spanish National TV campaign (USA, 2017).

Toyota USA Spanish National TV campaign (USA, 2017).

Dolce & Gabbana Worldwide print campaign. Photographer Brigitte Lacombe (USA, 2015).

Doritos TV Commercial (USA, 2014).

Nissan TV Commercial (USA, 2012).

SAP Industrial (USA, 2011).

Pepsi Poland Ad directed by Selim Mete (USA, 2011).

American Airlines Ad pilot directed by Louis Mayo (USA, 2011).

Cromos Liga de Futbol BBVA TV Advertisement (Spain, 2009).

Dirección General de Tráfico TV Advertisement, directed by Guillem Morales (Spain, 2006).

Bodegas Torres Advertisement (Spain, 2006).

La Lechera TV Advertisement (Spain, 2006).

Volkswagen TV Advertisement (Spain, 2006).

Media Markt brochures and posters campaign (Spain, 2006).

F.C. Barcelona TV Advertisement (Spain, 2004).

Hotels Center print (Spain, 2004).

Lidl TV Advertisement (Spain,2004).

About Me

I am an actor from Barcelona, Spain, based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. I have trained with some of the best acting coaches of the world, and I have more than 2,000 hours experience working on sets and on the stage. I’m very passionate about my career and I’m always trying to find new challenges that can help me develop and improve my acting skills.  

Please find more info about my career on IMDB.



Orphans, TV Series – pilot (in production, USA 2023).

Snatch, TV Series – Season 2, created by Alex De Rakoff, Crackle/ Sony TV (USA/England/Spain, 2018).

Scorpion girl pilot presentation, directed by Fito Rivera (USA, 2016).

License to Kill, TV pilot, directed by Hector Echavarria (USA/Paraguay 2014).

Making 30, web series directed by Karl Stelter (USA, 2014).

Chamaleons teaser, directed by Billy Gallo & Greg St. Johns (USA, 2013).

Zero, TV pilot, directed by Miquel Garcia Borda (USA, 2011).

The Maybelline Girls, web series directed by Oscar Avalos (USA, 2011).

Croma, web series directed by Victor Quintero (Spain, 2009-2010).

Caída libre, TV pilot, directed by Roger Delmont (Spain, 2009).

My Adventure in Barcelona, TV show directed by Yi Zhu (Spain/China, 2008).

Extraños, TV pilot, directed by Carles Torras (Spain, 2006).

Los Lunnis, Kids TV Show, TVE (Spain, 2006-2008).

Especial Nochebuena con los Lunnis, TVE (Spain, 2005).

El Cor de la Ciutat, TV show, TV3 (Spain, 2005).

Rented Heaven, TV pilot, directed by Nerea Alfonso, Marta Viader and Andrea Ramirez (Spain, 2005).

Protagonista, TV pilot directed by Xavi Esteban (Spain, 2005).

A Fork in the Mediterranean, documentary produced by the Australian TVSBS Television. Producer and presenter Pria Viswalingam (Australia/Spain, 2004).

Chicas de moda, TV Show, produced by Diagonal TV (Spain, 2004)3


The Brisk Festival, Founder & Festival Director (From 2018).

Sophie-Alexander-Lisboa, by Wendy Graf, directed by Todd Felderstein (2021).

Short + Sweet Hollywood, Festival Director (2018), Latino Festival Director (2017).

The Ghost Sonata, by August Strindberg, directed by Brian T. Finney (The Actors’ Gang, USA, 2014).

Blak & Deker, directed by Roger Delmont (Spain, 2010).

I’ll tell you the truth, Monologues and poems by William Shakespeare. Directed by Boris Rotenstein (Perestroika-a-tak, Spain, 2004-2005).

Hysteria, 2nd director assistant. Directed by John Malkovich (Wai, Spain, 2004-2005).

Passions and Slides, Play based on Drama scenes from: “HAMLET”, by W. Shakespeare, “LA TREASON”, by Harold Pinter, “SALEM WITCHES”, by Arthur Miller, “THE SEAGUL”, by Antón Chéjov, directed by Boris Rotenstein. (Spain, 2004).

Impossible Love, Play based on Drama Scenes from: “BODAS DE SANGRE”, by Federico García Lorca, “ALL MY SONS”, by Arthur Miller, directed by Boris Rotenstein. (Spain, 2002).

El Sr. Perramón, adaptation of “The Miser” by Moliére, directed by Rafael Duran. (CC. Sants, Spain, 1994).

The Marina Café by Josep Ma de Segarra, directed by Rafael Duran. (CC.Sants, Spain, 1993).

Carlota and the Snow Woman, by Josep Ma Benet i Jornet, directed by Pere Pons (Thau, Spain, 1992).

Six Thieves from Kings Road, directed by Joaquín Vidal (Thau, Spain, 1988).

¡War, What a crazy game!, directed by Joaquín Vidal (Thau, Spain, 1987).

The Soldier, by Stravinski, dance-theater, directed by Cristina Sánchez (Thau, Spain, 1986).


Guest Host of Mañana Latina, Cinema premiers, Biweekly, TV Magazine, Channel 57.1, Los Angeles  (USA, 2022).

Co-Host of 30 episodes for Virtuosi Series by QxP, produced by Craig Miller Productions (USA, 2020-2021).

Reporter for the TV program LA CONFIDENTIAL, for NON STOP PEOPLE TV Network (USA-Spain, 2016).

Host for the TV pilot program VIVA US, produced by Yvette Pinzon (USA, 2011-2012).

Host of Best Entrepeneur Awards 2009, organized by AIJEC, in La Llotja de Barcelona, nearly 300 attendants (Spain, 2010).

Host of the concert Batecs d’Esperança (for Haití victims) with Joan Pera and Susana Bergés, in Luz de Gas de Barcelona, more than 500 attendants. Invited Groups: Lax ‘n Busto, La Puerta de los Sueños, Jofre Bardagí, Ofèlia Roca, Monica Green and Manu Guix, among others (Spain, 2010).

Host of Trash movie party premier, directed by Carles Torras, in La Sala Apolo de Barcelona, more than 500 attendants (Spain, 2009).

Host of Editorial Viceversa in La Font del Lleó de Barcelona, 300 attendants (Spain, 2009).

Host of La Festa de la Llibertat, concert, with more than 15.000 attendants. in Avda. Lluis Companys, Barcelona. Participant Groups: Els Kumbes del Mambo, Mouss & Hakim, and Obrint Pas (Spain,2006).


•The Actors Studio. Directors Unit & PDU member.

•LA SAG-AFTRA conservatory. Cold Reading, On camera & Voice over technique.

The Actors’ Gang. The Style. Artistic director Tim Robbins & Cynthia Etinger

Esther Caporale. Speech Coach

Rowena Balos. Speaking Voice Technique

Acting Studio at Edgemar. The Golden box and scene study with Michelle Danner

Meisner Technique. Program Javier Galitó-Cava

Meisner Movement & Voice. Matthew Graham Smith

•Actors’ training intensive with Juan Carlos Corazza 

•Actors’ training intensive &with Javier Daulte

Voice Craft. Helen Rowson y Paul Farrington

•Acting on camera. Bob McAndrew

•On-camera technique. Alexandra Neil’s

Michael Chekhov’s technique with Ragnar Freidank

Stanislavski method. Boris Rotenstein

Voice Technique. Cacu Prat and Montse Bellveí

Advanced Scene Study. Manuel Lillo

Singing and Voice. Juan Antonio Vergel

Spanish diction. Raquel Carballo


Horse Riding 100%
Sports 90%
Fencing 70%
Dance 70%
Spanish & Catalan 100%
English 90%
French 60%