The Art of Being (Level 1 intensive)

Our purpose is to build actors from scratch using Stanislavski’s and Meisner’s tools. Our program is divided into 5 levels, of 9 weeks long each one. In the first levels, we start with freeing emotional blocks and working with the body, voice, improvisation an repetition exercises, that will help the student set free to move into scene study and on-camera technique with strong bases in the advanced levels.

When:  Fall 2022

Day & Time: Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm 

Where: To Be Announced (Hollywood or Mid City Area)

Length: 36h (divided in 9 weeks)

Scene Study (Advanced Level, on going class, once per week)

Scene Study offers intermediate & advanced level actors on-going practice on his/her craft through scene study and monologue work. Class meets once a week and focuses on the analysis of the different elements of a scene and on how the actor’s technique is used to build the scene (Meisner and Stanislavski). This acting class allows the actor to work on challenging parts in a safe environment. It’s ideal for keeping our instrument tuned. Showcases with selected scenes will take place every 3 or 4 months.

Where: TBD

When: TBD

The Art of Being (Intensive)

Intensive courses of 2-3 weeks (24 or 36 hours) upon request for groups of at least 12 people. These intensive courses could be taught anywhere in the world. If you’re interested on attending or arranging an intensive course, please send an e-mail to  with dates, amount of people and place you’d like to receive the course.

Where: TBD

When: TBD

Acting for companies 

Private workshops for companies of any kind who want to use acting tools to improve employees confidence, communication skills and team work. Length and type could be personalized depending on the needs of the company/department.

Classes are taught in English, but they can be also be taught in Spanish upon request for specific groups or courses.

If you’re interested on attending any of these classes, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

I only work with passionate actors who love what they do and that are ready for enjoying the process of growing as actors and human beings. If you want to be enrolled in an Acting Program that will change your life and the way you understand the Art of Being, then our Studio is your place. We’ll be pleased to grow with you!


Christian Rodrigo

Acting Coach

“I had just studied at another acting studio before. It was considered one if the best in Los Angeles. I liked it but we were just doing scenes, so I felt I was missing something, because I had never taken classes before. A friend recommended me Christian Rodrigo's studio and I loved it! Because besides doing scenes, we work a lot on exercises to be able to get to our emotions and feelings, so that we are prepared when the scene comes. It also helps you to be less shy. Christian makes you feel super comfortable whatever you do, and my classmates are also amazing. Highly recommended :)”
Actress & Publicist
"Have you ever dreamed about a place where you can do and create everything by simply having connection with your partner? Well, Christian Rodrigo's Studio is the place; His approach to acting is complete and integral; first, is about discovering what's inside you, a world that exists even though you don't see it, but you can create out of the blue! and trust me, your guts are always right. Besides imagination, there's work and practice and rehearsal. So this is the place to grow as an actor! Loving it"
"I've studied with some amazing teachers and I have to say that Christian's class is by far the best class I've ever taken. Christian gives you the tools to truly let go, connect and be present moment to moment. He sets the bar high and knows how to correct you with kindness. I've never felt more confident and open to give and receive on and off the stage. Do yourself a favor and sign up for his class. It is by far one of the best choices I've made since I moved to LA!"