The Christian Rodrigo Actors Studio

The Christian Rodrigo Actors Studio is a safe place to grow as an actor and a human being. By enjoying the art of living under imaginary circumstances, you’ll find the tools and confident you’ll need for your acting career.  We offer group classes, workshops, intensives and private coaching in English and/or Spanish.


Upcoming classes starting this fall 2022 in Los Angeles. If you’re interested on joining them, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

“Christian has a lot of knowledge in theatre and acting..we have so much fun here.. it's very energetic for me.. I've learned so many little details, it's a really great experience. I'm so glad to study with him.”
Sergio Macian
"I can't even begin to describe how talented I think Christian is and how much he can bring to other actors..he gets you in a state where you can get really relaxed and dip deep into your emotions, so that you can feel. He gets you feel who you really are and bring that out."
"You can tell that Christian loves teaching and he is very committed and passionate about it... he knows how to guide any single one of us.. I really love coming to his classes, it makes me very happy."

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