Private Coaching

Any actor needs a coach to prepare a role. Christian has a large experience preparing actors privately. If you’re in need of a private coach to prepare an audition or to work on a specific role for a film, Tv or a theatre project, you can work one on one with Christian Rodrigo. No matter where you’re physically, since there are different options to work with him. It could be either in person or via Skype. Christian can also help you prepare a self tape and record it for you.


If you are interested on working one on one with him, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call at +1 310 889 4490 to arrange a private session.

“Having Christian as my acting coach is an experience that has touched my heart. I feel ready to fly after having worked with him. He is a real acting master..he is one of those generous teachers with a wonderful soul that shines when he sees his students growing and evolving.”
Actress & Singer